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So Many Trails…So Little Time

I recently sat down and made a list of all the trails I want to do. It turned out, there were a whole lot more than I thought there were. So now if I ever want to get out, all I have to do is check the list and pick one out. So here in it’s entirety (as of right now) is that great list.

  • Escalante River – From City of Escalante to Lake Powell – In Sections
  • Boulder Mail Trail
  • Coyote Gulch
  • Zion Narrows
  • East Rim – Zion National Park
  • Kanarra Creek
  • Kings Peak
  • Grandaddy Basin
  • Naturalist Basin
  • Mt Timanogos (yup, again – it’s awesome)
  • Little Wildhorse & Bell Canyon
  • Upper & Lower Black Box – San Rafael Swell
  • The Maze – Canyonlands National Park – Chimney Rock -> Pictograph Fork Loop
  • Dark Canyon
  • Owl & Fish Creek Canyon
  • Hackberry Canyon
  • Under the Rim Trail – Bryce National Park – the whole thing
  • North Bass Trail – Grand Canyon National Park
  • South Bass -> Tonto Route Loop – Grand Canyon National Park
  • Kanab Creek Canyon – Grand Canyon National Park
  • Hermit Trail – Boucher Loop – Grand Canyon National Park
  • Old Bright Angel -> North Kaibab Loop – Side trip to the mystic Upper, Upper Ribbon Falls – Grand Canyon National Park
  • Cascade Canyon -> Paintbrush Canyon Loop – Grand Tetons National Park
  • Death Canyon -> Alaska Basin Loop – Grand Tetons National Park
  • Open Canyon -> Granite Canyon Loop – Grand Tetons National Park
  • Cascade Canyon -> Teton Crest -> Valley Trail Loop – Grand Tetons National Park
  • Dogshead Trail -> Shoshone -> North Shoshone -> Delacey Loop – Yellowstone National Park
  • Fairy Creek Loop – Yellowstone National Park
  • Mallard Loop – Yellowstone National Park
  • Heart Lake Loop – Yellowstone National Park
  • Black Canyon & Rescue Creek Loop – Yellowstone National Park
  • Bechler River Trail – Yellowstone National Park
  • Telescope Peak – From lowest point in continental US to the summit – Death Valley National Park
  • Cottonwood -> Marble Loop – Death Valley National Park
  • Napali Coastline – Kauai, Hawaii

If anybody’s interested in doing any of these, let me know.

Mt Nebo

Just checked off another county high point. Took the North Route off of Mona Pole Rd. It’s a clean cut trail that slowly approaches the mountain while going up and down over a couple hills before you enter a basin on the North-East side of North Peak. The trail does a couple switchbacks before switching to a squiggle of a trail climbing directly up towards the ridge line. Once you’re on the ridge, the trail rises and falls on the East slope of North Peak where you get your first good view of Mt Nebo, and eventually curves around to Wolf’s Pass. Next is a 1200 ft climb up the North slope of an unnamed sub-peak. Once on top of that, you can see the final trek across a connecting ridge with steep slopes, tricky moves, and a use trail that’s very easy to lose. There’s a great view of Hell Hole Basin on your left as you cross that ridge. Once across, it’s a final push up to the summit of Nebo — officially 11,928 ft — with loose scree and plenty of exposure. Best part though, it only takes 4.5 miles to get there, and once you’ve had enough of a higher altitude experience, it’s a quick descent back to Wolf’s Pass. The clouds were building the whole trip, and once we were safely off North Peak it started to sprinkle on and off for the rest of the hike.

Maybe next time I’ll try it from Andrew’s Ridge and see what that endurance fest is all about.

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Mojo Rebuilding on the Ben Lomond Trail from North Fork Park

I’ve always been curious about the trails out of North Fork Park. There are two that head up to the Skyline Trail, the Ben Lomond Trail and the Cutler Trail. I needed something where I was gaining some good elevation and covering some distance so I could get some of the mojo back that I left on Mt Peale when I had to abandon the summit attempt, and the Ben Lomond trail seemed like a good candidate. It starts out innocent enough — after you find it in the maze that is North Fork Park (follow the signs to the corrals and park next to them) — anyway the trail is nice and wide, and in great shape. After a couple miles though,

There’s a trail in there somewhere…

overgrowth from the surrounding brush encroaches the trail sometimes making it disappear almost entirely. After 3 miles the trail flattens out a bit and crosses a saddle where there’s some good camping and from there you get a nice view of Ben Lomond Peak, and Willard Peak View of Ben Lomond and Willard Peaks. The next two miles take you to the saddle right below the last big ascent of Ben Lomond. It was getting late and I didn’t have enough water to summit, otherwise I probably would’ve done it just cause most of the work to climb Ben Lomond Peak is simply covering the distance to get to the point where I was at. It was okay though, cause my only goal on this trip was to make it to the saddle, and I did that, and I felt I could keep going all the way to the summit which was even better. So I turned around, bushwhacked the trail, ran out of water with two miles left and when I reached my truck I realized the mojo was good. I now feel ready to go out and conquer another one of the ultra-prominence peaks again.