Ruby Red & Cortland Onions cut & prepped

2016 Onion Crop

Back in February I started two types of onions, Ruby Red & Cortland. I started them in small 4″ containers in a flat to see how well they would grow given the limited root space.

Along the way I harvested a few here and there, but left them alone to grow for the most part. Both varieties are listed as 110 day varieties, but they took a bit longer to grow. Around 130 days I think they peaked in size.  Last week I noticed flower stalks coming up, that was at 200 days. I was expecting the tops to yellow like every other article on growing onions states will happen, but they never yellowed.

I’m not bothered that they went to seed before the tops yellowed. To be honest, I don’t think the weather here in San Francisco lends to predictable responses like that. I’ve preferred to use the fresh onions right from the ground.

I don’t know if they would have cured properly or not if I just cut off the roots and let them dry out, so I just chopped everything up for the freezer.

It wasn’t the greatest harvest, but for the space it occupied, it was totally worthwhile, and I will be growing some more next year.

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