San Francisco Fog Tomato

Talk about a cold weather tomato. It totally lives up to its namesake. They taste like typical hot-house tomatoes from the grocery store. Medium gel, with a mealy texture. That said, I only rate it 5/10…however, I would consider growing it again. Why? This plant produces loads of tomatoes that after 5-10 seconds in boiling water, the skin slips off perfectly with a squeeze,  the stem anchor is narrow and easy to cut out, and they’re blemish free, which makes it super easy to turn into sauce; buckets of sauce. It’s still growing fruit and setting flowers this late into December.

Tomato stats:
Total harvest weight: 7.5 kilos
Average fruit weight: 64 grams
Total fruits picked: 117
Seed to first pick: 142 days
Lifespan: 207 days


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