Ispolin Malinovyi Tomato

Ispolin Tomato
Ispolin Tomato

Rating 4/10. 160 days from seed to first pick. Total lifespan 178 days. Average weight 252 gr

ams. Total harvest weight 6.3 kilos.

I’m not that thrilled with this tomato. It’s going to go towards many bottles of sauce however.

Freshly sliced, this tomato was crunchy, and the skin super thick. Flavor was really mild. Color….was fuschia. Tatiana’s Tomatobase reports this as a Russian variety, but my tomatoes don’t look like the ones that others have posted on her site.

The tomato plant itself seemed to do really well with the extremes outside, and definitely works well as a cold weather tomato. The harvest weight for the plant was also great. I probably will not grow this again.

2 thoughts on “Ispolin Malinovyi Tomato”

    1. Black Prince, Azoychka, Carmello, and Beaverlodge Slicer have been my favorites of this year. I will probably grow all of them again next year.

      I’m judging the tomatoes I grow based on their merits as slicers, for salads, caprese, or snacking, since I don’t want to cook them too much. If you do lots of canning, Ispolin might be a good choice, it’s just not good for my goals. That said, I just finished a tomato sauce that is half San Francisco Fog and half Ispolin and it is very tasty when the flavor has been concentrated. It’s a shame you have to process it to get the better qualities out of it.

      If you go off my reviews for choosing a tomato, keep in mind these are all cooler weather tomatoes since I live in San Francisco (and still harvesting this time of year 🙂

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