Stupice Tomato

Stupice 30 days
Stupice 63 days

Given some of the descriptions that others have for Stupice grown in San Francisco, I didn’t have any expectations that I would like this tomato, but it’s actually pretty good. It is one of the two main varieties that are supposed to do well in San Francisco. Read more on Stupice at Tatiana’s Tomatobase.

Stupice 87 days

True to its description, it grew to 4′ and just stopped. It was the first outdoor tomato to blossom and to ripen its fruit. It took 70 days from flower to first taste – things ripen incredibly slowly in this weather, but they eventually ripen. From the day I planted the seed to first pick was 112 days. I give it a 7/10. It has a mild but tasty flavor, flesh is soft. It is very well balanced between acidity & sweetness.

So far the yield has been over 3lbs. Most of them are the typical Stupice fruit – a nice round, golf ball sized tomato, but it got some cross pollination from its immediate neighbors for some of them.

I’m still waiting for the other classic SF grown tomato, San Francisco Fog to ripen. It is loaded with fruit – far more fruit than Stupice. It is currently over 8′ tall. If the fruit is good, it will definitely get grown again next year.

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