Beaverlodge Slicer

This plant was supposed to be a compact, determinate plant, that above all, was short. It even says you could grow it from a hanging basket. Ha, yea right. This guy has grown to 7′ (with no sign of stopping) and is very lanky. The fruit of this plant doesn’t even look like the fruit from the website. The only similarities are the potato style leaves. I think there was some cross-pollination going on with the seeds parent. I wonder if the rest of the seeds in the packet would grow the same plant.
It is now 100 days old. It took 5 days to germinate, 30 days before it was potted in its final container, flowers at 42 days, and the first pick was at 94 days resulting in 52 days between flower and ripe fruit.
The fruit is mildly sweet, mildly acid with a delicate citrus flavor. The tomato squeezes like a bell pepper – it has a meaty exterior with a hollow feeling interior (although it is not hollow inside). The meat is nice and tender. They average 50 grams per fruit, and are a lot smaller than what I expected. Blemish free, no blossom scar, the perfect tomato to pick and eat.
It’s a good tomato, and I enjoy it, but I want to try some other varieties that are in the dwarf category with a max height of 3′ instead.
Final stats: 4.6 kilos of tomatoes, average weight 27 ggrams, 173 tomatoes total. Total lifespan from seed to final pick: 178 days. Seed to first pick 94 days. The total time tomatoes were harvested off this plant was great, nearly 3 full months of picking.

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