Concrete Counter Tops – Testing Complete

I finally finished my test slab using the recipe I developed for my bathroom countertops. I managed to get the glass in smaller chunks like I wanted by throwing it in a blender, but that resulted in glass that didn’t settle as much when the concrete was vibrated, so there is much less glass exposed than in the test samples, so the counter tops will have that problem corrected. I’ll also attempt to do some layering of the concrete so I can get slightly darker, natural looking layers in there. It’s kind of an oxymoron to throw colored glass into something when you try and make it look like a natural stone. The surface feels really smooth and slick with the finish on it. It’s so much nicer to use a mouse on too. In a couple weeks the glass will get much more reflective and shiny inside as the concrete cures more. I’m not sure why that happens, but I’m glad it does.

Now that I know there aren’t issues with significant cracking (at least on the polished surface, the underside has some minor cracks, but that’s mostly just in the soupy concrete that surfaced) I will mix up a new batch and pour my downstairs bathroom counter top, then make the mold for my upstairs counter top, and get that poured.

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