Ogden Peak

With a season pass in hand, getting to the top of Ogden Peak was never easier. Without a ride to the top, you’d need to go through an exhausting climb from the base of Snowbasin to the top, or for the ultrafit, you could climb it from the Ogden side all the way from the valley floor up one of the many canyon trails that lead to the top. You really won’t see any signs pointing to any of the trails going up to Ogden Peak. Some of them are pretty new, and even while I was up there, the Snowbasin crew was working on portions of the trail that lead up to the ridgeline. From the ridge to the halfway point to the peak the trail seems to be nothing more than a game trail. A real trail comes into view as you cross the ridge coming up from Strong’s Peak. This trail is marked with massive cairns — impossible to miss. This trail leads to the service road that climbs Ogden Peak to the towers. You can really go any way you want until you hit this road — walk the ridgeline, bushwhack, whatever. Getting up the service road is the steepest section of the climb. Sharing the summit are several radio towers, and a helicopter landing pad — a mighty small landing pad — really close to the towers. Storm clouds were brewing in the morning, but by the end of the hike blue skies were back out & more people decided to come up onto the ridge.

It was 3.33 miles to the top & back & around 1300 ft gained.

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