Lewis Peak Take II

One of my friends wanted to do Lewis Peak, so I went again. All the snow was off the trails, and the wildflowers were starting to grow out of the ground where the snow once was. It was nice and windy, though not so strong that it was uncomfortable. I was feeling remarkably well on the way up, and just the opposite on the way back. My mountain biking & hiking seem to compete for the well being of my knees. If i just mountain bike all summer, then my knees are fine, and same if I just hike all summer, but when I switch between the two I guess ligaments & other fun stuff change position in my knees depending on what I’m doing, and when that happens, it’s quite unpleasant., so I had that to deal with on the trip back.

I think this is my last time up this trail. The horse usage is just too much for me. If you read my other post about Lewis Peak, you’ll know what I’m talking about. With warmer weather & higher usage, parts of the trial were even nastier.

On the way up the steep section a wild turkey flew out of the brush and started attacking us, then started walking up the trail ahead of us, I guess it was trying to lead us away from it’s nest. Near the top I wanted to go out into a section of rock to relax & found a rattlesnake on the way there, just chilling in the sun. As with all my experiences with rattle snakes, this one just winded it’s way into the bushes & out of sight. More wild flowers were blooming on this trip making for some very pleasant fragrances on parts of the trail.

While we were on the peak we noticed a storm coming in across the Great Salt Lake. We were fortunate that the stretch we experienced on the way back was all talk & no action except for some faster wind gusts. By the time we reached the end of the ridgeline and dropped back into the canyon, there was lightning and thunder on top where we were 30 minutes before.

The pics taken on this trip are from my new camera, the Canon A95. They’re significantly better than my old camera, and consequently the large sized images are significantly larger, but for the good pics, I think it’s worth the wait.

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