Bonneville Shoreline Trail Ogden 9th N -> 12th St

This is a nice little stretch of trail that follows the Ogden-Brigham Canal for the most part. There’s a 250 ft elevation gain on the initial 1/2 mile climb on singletrack and then nice long stretches of flat road from there on out with occasional dips and climbs amounting to approximately 543 ft elevation climbed throughout the 6.7 mile out & back ride. There are a couple portions of the canal that are covered with a cement cap which make some pretty sweet jumps when they end. There’s a nice view of the valley throughout. The ride ends at the mouth of Ogden Canyon where the pipeline is suspended above the highway. If you climb the concrete stairs up & over you can get a nice view of the overflow waterfall, and even walk a portion of the covered canal as it makes it’s way through the rugged side of the canyon. From the opposite side of the canyon on Indian Trail it looks almost like there are tunnels big enough to walk through where the canal has been cut through cliffs, but after seeing the first tunnel (which looks like a spider infested crawl space) I abandoned that idea. It would be cool however if the route the canal takes was passable all the way from Pineview Reservoir through the canyon. This would give hikers & bikers access to the Ogden Valley (the valley Huntsville is in, not the one Ogden is in) without having to ride through the canyon which requires a death wish if you’re riding up — it’s not so bad going down, so I hear. I don’t want to find that out anytime soon though. So on the way back when you get back to the singletrack, it’s a really sweet ride back down. The sagebrush & grasses conceal the trail at every turn, so while it may be really tempting to brake since you won’t know what’s around the corner, it’s even better to just roll through and take what comes at ya’. The upper section of the singletrack has some larger rocks on the trail, but the mid & lower section are pretty much rock free. The ride finishes with some tight switchbacks & then you’re back at the parking lot. It takes an hour to get out & back riding at a moderate pace. There’s a trail that breaks off of the BST about 1 mile in and does some actual climbing if you want more of a workout. It ends around the BL that’s been created with painted white rocks on the mountain side.

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