Indian Trail (22nd St to the shelter)

I did this over a week ago, but had the GPS elevation profile & map route to put up, so I wanted to post this before I completely forgot about it. The trail is well maintained, and well shaded for the last 2/3 of the trail. There’s nothing really remarkable about this trail. You hike from the Ogden benches where you hike among the brush oak, and climb up into the South side of Ogden Canyon where you’re surrounded by pine. At a little over 4.5 miles & with 1,746 ft gained, the steepness of the trail is moderate. The views are good, especially in a couple spots along the trail which are perfect for resting. The trail supposedly follows the old route the native americans used to take during their seasonal migrations. It ends at a shelter. Waiting at the end were an innumerable quantity of flies just right in that area. It was quite unbearable, so I took off back down the trail without really taking a break at the shelter. One of the reasons I like hiking to the tops of peaks so much is that the number of insects you encounter drops dramatically the higher you go.

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